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Tribute to Enigma Styled Songs

This collection of songs are all original. Bernard Jackson stretches his talent to develop a new genre of music that he has termed Enigma inspired. The haunting melodies and soaring music can only be compared to New Age music in the spirit of Kitaro, Yanni and Enigma. But after you listen to any of the songs in this collection you will recognize the brilliance of this new style never heard before. The songs transport the listener to a calming and inspiring place where they can forget all of their problems and just enjoy the music. The vocals on this collection are tailored to create an atmospheric journey with the listener's enjoyment in mind. The messages of the songs will subtly bring awareness while simultaneously provoke deep thought. If you have ever enjoyed New Age music then you must listen to this collection of songs that have no definition in the world of music. A new genre of music developed and performed by Bernard Jackson again demonstrating his immeasurable talent as a songwriter as well as a singer.