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Only one name describes this legendary artist. Bernard Jackson is best known for his own brand of legendary soaring ballads as the lead singer of the Billboard #1 hit group Surface. As he was growing into adulthood he listened to every style of music and one of the favorite singers was the legendary Elvis. Trying to sing an Elvis song is a major undertaking as comparisons to the "King" usually end up making a singer look inadequate. But Bernard Jackson is not afraid to demonstrate that the essence of a song is able to be performed by more than one legendary singer and still provide the listener the experience the original songwriter had intended. Bernard Jackson brings life to many of Elvis' greatest hits and you will realize that Bernard's vocals are not comparable to most singers. This collection of Elvis' hits are unique and instantly will bring you to a place you thought you lost when Elvis passed. Now you can hear the magic and experience it freshly through the energy and expertise residing in this collection of tribute songs.