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Michael Jackson

There is a giant elephant in the room. Bernard Jackson grew up on the Jackson's music and when he finally met Michael he was able to work with him and see the magic up close and personal. Years later Michael Jackson passed and Bernard Jackson began his quest to pay tribute to his favorite singers. Michael was at the top of the list. But in order to do legends justice is not an easy task. Michael Jackson's body of work is extensive and unique. Treading carefully Bernard Jackson has again tackled a seemingly impossible challenge and has come out the other side with a masterpiece of monumental proportions. The hardest diehard Michael Jackson fans cannot be more critical than a lifelong fan that actually worked with the "King of Pop" and admired his work. Sharing a last name and similar voices Bernard Jackson has created a collection of tribute songs that rival the originals for vibe, essence and magic. You will be amazed at the quality and mastering of these songs. If you are a fan of Michael Jackson you will now surely be a fan of Bernard Jackson as well. Appreciate the accomplishment! Michael lives again through one of his greatest fan's recreation of his music.