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Ray Charles

Can anybody really sing a Ray Charles song and sound remotely good? It's very hard to do and many other singers have failed miserably. But Bernard Jackson is an extraordinary talent heretofore never seen. No other singer in the world has ever attempted to sing the hits of so many legendary artists. Bernard Jackson's voice is not the only thing that makes him such a special singer. His experience as a vocalist and his perfect hearing is what distinguishes the absolute greats from other singers. When you listen to Bernard Jackson on any song he transports you to the magical experience that you expect. Not only because his voice is so extraordinary that it has no limits in range or style. But because he is also a Billboard #1 hit songwriter and he understand the magic of songs. He makes sure that whatever essence is inherent to the song that has made it a hit, is also evident in his recreations. He does this once again with Ray Charles. He captures the "it" that unspoken vibe, that magic that you loved in the performance of Ray Charles is collected and performed by Bernard Jackson as well. Listen and you will hear it too!